One New Change

JORDAHL® cast in channel concrete connections feature in One New Change, London

At One New Change, there is a new development that consists of three floors. It has 32,000m² of office space and 20,600m² of retail space. Also, there is a new rooftop space available for local residents, workers, and visitors to use.

Our JORDAHL® cast-in channel connections support the curtain walling facade in this award-winning project.

One New Change is a modern development located to the East of St Paul's Cathedral in London. It is a mixture of retail and office spaces that has revitalised the area and created a vibrant social hub for both work and leisure. The development has also improved the pedestrian routes and created new shopping arcades that seamlessly connect to the existing streetscape. On the roof of the building, there is a terrace that offers stunning views of the cathedral from a unique perspective.


This stunning project was delivered by:

Sidell Gibson



The JORDAHL® JTA cast in channels and T-bolts are a reliable and high-performing solution. These products have been certified globally and are available in two types: the hot-rolled JTA W and the cold-rolled JTA K. Both types are manufactured and supplied under an ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system.

To assist designers in selecting the appropriate product and distributing the load, the JORDAHL® EXPERT design software for cast in channels JTA is available for free download from our downloads section. This software is user-friendly and provides valuable assistance to designers in terms of product selection and load distribution.

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