New PFEIFER Column Shoe System Catalogue

An updated PFEIFER Column Shoe System Catalogue is now available for download. Rigid screw connection for precast concrete beams.

New PFEIFER Column Shoe System Catalogue 

The PFEIFER Column Shoe PCC is intended for the rigid bolted connection of precast concrete elements - such as columns with the foundation. Column shoes are used in combination with foundation anchors (or female bars).For bending-resistant screw connection of precast concrete elements.

Advantages of PFEIFER Column Shoe System

  • Fast and support-free installation
  • Immediate load-bearing screw connections mean no delay
  • Flexibility supplied by practice-orientated tolerance ranges
  • All-weather system
  • Easy to connect to existing reinforcement (overlapping joint)
  • Efficient transport of precast elements due to separation of column and foundation
  • Free advice - for planning and product application
  • Free dimensioning software
  • CE marking
  • Type-static calculated
  • European Technical Assessment (ETA)

If short construction times are called for on your project,    pfeifer column shoe system catalogue

Application areas

  • Column - foundation connection
  • Column - column connection
  • Column with console - beam/girder


  • Simple screw connection to transfer static loads from a component (column, beam) safely into the anchorage (foundation, column).
  • This immediately load-bearing threaded connection also allows height adjustment of the anchorage points even under load.
  • No further support measures are required during installation.

DOWNLOAD the catalogue using the link below.

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