cast-in channels
cast in channels

Cast in channels and J-Sled at Google Headquarters, London

JORDAHL Cast in Channels feature at Google HQ, London. Supplied to a range of contractors on this project for various purposes including façade connections, balustrade connections and precast connections.

Cast in channels at the forthcoming Google office building, Kings Cross, London. Set to be an impressive 11 stories high and sprawl over a massive 1 million square feet, iit s poised to seamlessly integrate with the standing structure at 6 Pancras Square and another yet-to-be-finished building.

Once unified, these structures will form an avant-garde complex, designed to house an astounding 7,000 Google professionals. This innovative project promises to be a game-changer for the Knowledge Quarter and will significantly boost the knowledge-driven economy of King's Cross in London.

For part of the build JORDAHL's Cast in Channels - renowned products like J-Sled - have been procured by several contractors. These channels serve critical roles, facilitating façade connections, balustrade linkages, and connections for precast concrete.

The construction of this ambitious project is ongoing and is set for completion by the end of 2023.

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