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JORDAHL® JTA cast in channels are used in conjunction with simple twist-in T bolts that together provide safe and adjustable concrete connections for the resistance of tension and shear loads.

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Cast in channels JORDAHL® Anchor Channels

JORDAHL® Anchor Channels JTA and JXA Receive UKTA Certification

JORDAHL® Anchor Channels JTA and JXA Now Have UK Technical Assessment (UKTA) Certification.

From January 2023, it is currently planned that the familiar European CE and ETA certifications for construction products will be replaced in the UK with equivalent UKCA and UKTA assessments as part of the UK Government’s Brexit strategy. UK Technical Assessments (UTKA) and the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) processes are overseen solely by UK notified bodies

We are pleased to announce that JORDAHL® Anchor Channels JTA and JXA, (which are already evaluated, and CE marked under European Technical Assessment ETA-09/0338), have recently been assessed by the British Board of Agrément under the UKTA process and have been issued with certificate UKTA-0836-22/6149.              

JORDAHL® Anchor Channels JTA and JXA have been used for many years, both in the UK and worldwide, to support critical connections to concrete structures. The products are extensively used for supporting building facades, structural steel connections, and life safety connections for major building services such as elevators. The products are also used for connections in heavy civil engineering applications such as transportation hubs, tunnels, bridges, and harbours.

Benefits of UKTA certified products:

  • UKTA certification reassures UK specifiers and users of product quality and performance according to UK standards.
  • UKTA certification allows the use of UKCA marking on products not covered by UK Designated Standards (formerly harmonised European Standards under the CE process).
  • In the UK, UKCA marking is currently required from 2023 for all CE marked products
  • ETAs, and CE marking assessed to European norms, will officially cease to be recognised in the UK in 2023.

More information on Products JORDAHL® JTA and JXA UKTA Certification 0836-22/6149


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