Lifting Anchor Systems

PFEIFER UKCA Approvals for Lifting Anchor Systems

J & P Building Systems Ltd has been awarded with UKCA certification documents for their PFEIFER Lifting Anchor Systems – PFEIFER WK Anchor System, PFEIFER Threaded System and the PFEIFER BS Anchor.

The new UKCA safety certificate is due to replace the EU’s CE mark on all products in the UK from January 2023. It was intended as a statement of the UK’s new regulatory independence after Brexit.

The technical requirements and the conformity processes and standards you must meet for UKCA are mostly similar to CE standards. This includes the self-declaration of conformity.

Lifting Anchor Systems

Lifting Anchor Systems are generally used to lift precast elements. The anchors of the system must be reliable in use. They have to safely absorb all impacts from handling, lifting and assembly and transmit them into the component. PFEIFER has been manufacturing high quality lifting anchor systems for the precast concrete industry over 50 years and is particularly known for the PFEIFER Thread System. All PFEIFER Lifting Anchor Systems comply with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. To confirm conformity with this directive in combination with the German VDI/BV-BS 6205, whether they are produced singly or in series, all lifting anchor systems bear the CE mark and UKCA approval now for their PFEIFER Lifting Anchor System, PFEIFER WK Anchor System, PFEIFER Threaded System and the PFEIFER BS Anchor.

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