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JORDAHL® JTA cast in channels are used in conjunction with simple twist-in T bolts that together provide safe and adjustable concrete connections for the resistance of tension and shear loads.

Connecting structural steel to concrete using cast in channels 1 Broadgate London.

Last week the team were on site to check progress on the Sir Robert McAlpine project at 1 Broadgate, City of London. J&P is supplying cast in channel ladders to William Hare Group and Jordahl JXA channels efficiently connect structural steel to concrete, negating the need for post-fixing or welding.


JORDAHL® Cast in Anchor Channels JXA W

JORDAHL® JXA W hot rolled toothed cast in anchor channels provide adjustable connections with extraordinary strength. The internal teeth on the channel's edges interlock seamlessly with nearby T bolts, which creates a powerful mechanical connection and safeguards against longitudinal shear loads.Thanks to its toothed lip feature, cast in channel fixings of anchor channels JXA W offer remarkable support for loads with high gravity when it comes to concrete connection applications requiring height adjustments. In addition, they deliver solid resistance against tension and transverse shear loads. With the capacity of supporting multiple simultaneous forces coming from two or three planes such as wind load or seismic/explosive events within a single application, these anchor channels JXA W are truly ideal solutions.

The renowned JORDAHL® JXA W hot rolled toothed cast in anchor channels have been examined and approved by the UK Technical Assessment UKTA-0836-22/6149 and European Technical Assessment ETA/09-0338. Furthermore, they are produced under a reliable ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance program. To make selecting this excellent product easier for designers, as well as support load distribution designs, JORDAHL® EXPERT design software that is compatible with these anchor channels can be downloaded from the downloads section of our product page – absolutely free of charge! This acclaimed software is simple to use and understand.

Cast in channel fixings are ideal for a variety of applications, from connecting brickwork support angles to concrete structures and architectural steelworks, to providing heavy industrial services and curtain wall facade connections.

Available toothed profile sizes are as follows:

JXA W 64/44 Toothed Anchor Channel

JXA W 53/34 Toothed Anchor Channel

JXA W 38/23 Toothed Anchor Channel

JXA W 29/20 Toothed Anchor Channel

JXA W 19/14 Toothed Anchor Channel

JXA W 14/10 Toothed Anchor Channel


For further information on cast in anchor channels JXA W and a full range of cast in channel fixings, please refer to the brochure.




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