Tension Rod Systems UMIX

PFEIFER Tension Rod UMIX systems effectively transfer tensile forces within structures, suitable for uses such as bracing, prestressing, or suspending loads. These systems are rigorously tested for high fatigue strength and feature robust galvanized protection, making them ideal for demanding environments.

The UMIX range employs a modular design with a diverse array of interconnecting components, offering flexibility to tailor systems to specific requirements.

These tension rod systems come preassembled from the factory as complete units, greatly simplifying installation and reducing both time and cost. They include adjustable lengths to easily address construction variances during setup.

A typical rod assembly features a rod with threaded ends and fork ends at both sides, complete with a lock nut and pin. Optional enhancements include additional couplers, cross couplers for cross bracing, and turnbuckles. All components, including the threaded rods, are hot-dip galvanized in compliance with PN-EN ISO 1461 standards.

Available in 22 sizes from M8 to M120, these galvanized tension rod systems support design loads ranging from 19 kN to 5,249 kN and are offered in lengths up to 12 meters. The rods are manufactured from high-grade S520 steel.


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