PFEIFER Tension Rod System UMIX

PFEIFER Tension Rod UMIX systems are used to transfer tensile forces within structures. They may be used for bracing or prestressing structures or for the suspension of loads. The systems have a high fatigue strength verified by test, and effective galvanised protection, so they can be successfully used in challenging applications..

The PFEIFER Tension Rod UMIX range is based on a modular concept with a wide range of interconnecting components. This allows the versalitity to create the most appropriate system for specific conditions.

Tension rod systems are assembled at the factory and delivered as a complete, prefabricated product, ready for installation, which significantly reduces the installation time and cost. Each system incorporates a significant amount of length adjustment. This enables easy adjustments to accomodate construction tolerancies in the structure during the installation of the rods.  

A standard rod assembly consists of a rod with threads at both ends and fork ends (including a lock nut and pin) at both ends. The rod assemblies can be additionally equipped with additional couplers, cross couplers (for cross bracing) and turnbuckles. All system components including threaded rods are hot-dip galvanised in accordance with PN-EN ISO 1461

Galvanised tension rod systems are available in 22 diameters ranging from M8 to M120 with a design load capacity of 19 kN to 5,249 kN and in lengths up to 12m. Bars are fabricated from S520 steel.


  • Suitable for dynamic loads
  • Wide range of system diameters from M8 to M120
  • Excellent design load capability from 19 kN to 5,249 kN
  • Hot dip galvanised components to PN-EN ISO 1461
  • Systems delivered factory assembled

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