Adjustable Steel Beam Connections with J&P BEAMCON

High capacity and adjustable connections to concrete structures on composite steel frame buildings.

The J&P BEAMCON connectors offer an easy and direct approach to link structural steel beams with reinforced concrete structures, like stair cores.

They make use of toothed Jordahl® channels embedded in the cast and toothed T-bolt connections, ensuring a secure and flexible connection system. This eliminates the necessity for onsite welding or drilling. The assembly of J&P BEAMCON allows for vertical adjustments of connections, enabling precise leveling and positioning of beams for height. When used in conjunction with packing shims and horizontal slots at the T-bolt locations on the end plates, it facilitates three-dimensional installation tolerance.



  • Excellent load performance and fully adjustable connections
  • Heavy duty, hot rolled toothed profiles absorb both static and dynamic loading
  • Special modifications aid installation in slip form structures
  • No specialist labour required for installation
  • Connector weight is limited to enable hand installation without crane lifting
  • No special tools or electrical power requirements for installation on site
  • By replacing drilled connections potential exposure to silica dust is reduced
  • By replacing drilled connections potential exposure to drilling noise levels is reduced
  • By replacing drilled connections the risk of drilling noise nuisance to neighbouring offices and residences is reduced
  • By replacing drilled connections potential exposure to risk from vibrating hand tools and HAVS is reduced.
  • By replacing welded connections the potential risk of fires or injury caused by falling sparks or hot surfaces is reduced
  • By replacing welded connections the requirement for any site applied protective finishes after welding is removed.


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