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Cast in channels JORDAHL® Anchor Channels

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Jordahl® Anchor Channels by J&P - Drive Better Productivity, Innovation, and Safety.

For more than a century JORDAHL® anchor channels have been recognised as a secure way to anchor loads in concrete. Regardless of whether the concrete is reinforced or non-reinforced, cracked or non-cracked, JORDAHL® anchor channels always provide a load-carrying connection.

Choose connection solutions combining total versatility of application with high levels of load performance and reliability. Evaluated under ETA-09/0338, JORDAHL® anchor channels allow reliable, fast, and accurate positioning of connections to concrete. Loads can be safely supported in all directions, or single plane movement between components can be accommodated for either differential thermal expansion or settlement.

• Give the easy connection tolerances needed to enable fast, on-time completion
of building envelopes and structures.
• Eliminate time-wasting concrete drilling and review processes.
• Simple to use design software.

• Versatility of anchorage design to accommodate composite floor slabs or
slip formed concrete cores.
• Reliable connection solutions to reduce thermal and acoustic transfer.
• Special assemblies to aid installation or distribute loads in thin concrete.

• No drilling of concrete - Reduced workforce exposure to noise, airborne silica
dust, and HAVS risk.
• No welding is needed - Reduced risk of fires or injury to workers caused by
falling sparks, or hot surfaces.
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