J-Sled - Cast in Channel for Metal Deck Floors

J-Sled, Jordahl Cast in Channels for Curtain Wall Connections, 22 Bishopsgate, London

J-Sleds were designed bespoke to suit multiple loading scenarios at 22 Bishopsgate, London. They are a cast-in, bolted connection for fixing curtain wall hanging brackets to the thin concrete floor.

J-Sled provides straightforward, precise, and modifiable connections to the top of composite metal deck floor slabs. It is designed with dimensions that allow for easy installation on top of permanent metal deck formwork.

Each J-Sled is customised to fit the unique project requirements of customers who need a dependable system for distributing high loads into thin composite slabs. While it's commonly used for top of slab connections for facades, J-Sled can also support other building equipment.

Drawing on the acclaimed JORDAHL® anchor cast in channel technology, J-Sled employs established calculation methods to design tailor-made adjustable connections. These provide quick, user-friendly, and secure solutions fitting for the demands of today's towering structures.

22 Bishopsgate, with its total area of 1.275 million sq ft, was built to foster better business through collaboration. It offers 150,000 sq ft of shared spaces and amenities, intending to cultivate a vibrant community that brings together a diverse mix of tenants from various sectors.

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