JORDAHL® Cast in Channels and Accessories 2020 Brochure

Creating excellent connection systems with JORDAHL® anchor channels and matching T-bolts

JORDAHL® anchor channels with matching T-bolts create an excellent connection system for transferring loads to reinforced concrete components. Initial installation is fast and connections are easy to position accurately.

Connections can later be replaced or repositioned at any time to match new fastening requirements. They are a key part of the wide-ranging JORDAHL portfolio of products and can be used for a wide variety of different applications.

JORDAHL® anchor channels together with the matching JORDAHL® T-bolts create an excellent connection system. They are cast in and reliably transfer high loads into reinforced and unreinforced concrete components. Highly versatile, JORDAHL® anchor channels and T-bolts with European Technical Assessment (ETA) and other international approvals can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Thanks to their many benefits for installation and assembly, as well as their first-class reliability and quality, they are the favourite among design engineers and users around the world. They have been tried and tested in countless international projects, setting standards for fastening technology.

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