Punching Shear Rail

Punching shear rail reinforcement JDA

Punching shear reinforcement for flat slab concrete structures and foundations

Our punching shear reinforcement JDA JORDAHL® is used to transfer high transverse forces with low formwork and reinforcement requirements and also to optimise the use of space. The punching shear rail resistance can be increased by 50%, when compared to foundations without punching shear reinforcement, even by 96% compared to ceiling slabs without punching shear reinforcement.

JORDAHL®punching shear reinforcement JDA is made of double-headed anchors which are connected by a perforated connecting strip. The double-headed anchors secure the transition between punching shear and transverse load-bearing capacity. 

Punching shear reinforcement is typically supplied in two to five stud rail configurations, JDA shear rail units are installed into the concrete structure from above, and replace the need for drop beams or closely spaced traditional link reinforcement. This speeds construction and reduces reinforcement congestion in the concrete.

Typical applications for punching shear reinforcement JDA include:

  • Flat slab concrete construction.
  • Precast filigree slabs

Advantages during installation of punching shear reinforcement

  • All parts of the element are supplied together as a kit
  • Colour coding is used to ensure clear assignment of components
  • Easy “click” installation even over longer distances
  • Anchor spacing always matches the quality requirements exactly
  • No prohibited deviation in the anchor spacing
  • Spacers can be used universally
  • The ceiling slab is ready for transport after concreting, no finishing is required
  • Perfect for keeping in storage
  • Technical training provided by J&P employees, quality agreement.

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