European Technical Assessment issued for H-BAU ISOPRO® and ISOMAXX®

Our Insulated Concrete Balcony Connector products H-BAU ISOPRO® and ISOMAXX® have been issued with a new European Technical Assessment document.

ISOPRO® and ISOMAXX® UNITS are load-bearing thermal insulation units. 

They deliver the following:

▪ Thermal separation of reinforced concrete components to resolve structural problems at the transition between internal and external components

▪ Frictional connection of the reinforced concrete components across the insulating joint.

.he load transfer across the joint is carried out by means of tension and shear rods as well as a pressure component. Depending on the ISOPRO®/ISOMAXX® type, the pressure component is designed as a pressure unit made of special concrete (IP unit) or as a steel pressure rod (IPT unit). For corrosion-protection reasons, and to reduce heat transition through the structural components, stainless steel reinforcement units are implemented in the area of the insulating body. The transition from stainless steel to carbon steel is carried out using a special welding method. In the area of the insulating body the tension rods of standard units are made of stainless steel and have a reduced diameter compared to the adjoining carbon steel rods.



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