J&P LADDER – Adjustable Steel Support Connection

J&P LADDER system allows for adjustable connection of metal decking support brackets

J&P LADDER assemblies are formed by welding Jordahl® JXA toothed channels to spacer bars at pre-defined centres. They are used as an adjustable cast-in connection for attaching support angles to concrete. The vertical toothed channels provide adjustment for levelling angles and positioning them for height. Horizontal slots in the support angles provide location tolerance.



  • Excellent load performance and fully adjustable connections enable easy shelf angle positioning
  • Heavy-duty, hot-rolled toothed profiles absorb static, impact, and dynamic loading.
  • Special modifications aid installation in slip form and jump form structures
  • Specialist labour is not required for installation
  • Connector weight is limited to enable hand installation without the necessity for crane lifting.
  • No special tools or electrical power requirements on site
  • Range of load capacities, T-bolt diameters and lengths available.


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