H-BAU FIBERNOX® V-ROD is a concrete reinforcement system available in a range of  bar diameters. It is made of environmentally sustainable fibre reinforced material which has high corrosion and alkali resistance, combined with high tensile strength and with low weight. Avaible in wide range of bent shapes and lengths, it is also non-magnetic, non conductive,  and has thermal insulating properties. H-BAU FIBERNOX® V-ROD is an effective alternative to stainless steel or galvanised reinforcing steel. 


  • Glass fibre-reinforced plastic with a resin core
  • E-Modulus > 60 GPa, guaranteed tensile strength > 1.000 MPa
  • Sand impregnated surface for a stronger bond
  • Straight, helical, or bent rods
  • Certified by CAN CSA S807-10 in Canada


  • Long-term corrosion- and alkali-resistant
  • High tensile strength combined with a low weight
  • Non-conductive, non -magnetic 
  • Stable, long-life material providing a very good concrete bond
  • Easily cut on site or by tunnel boring machines (TBM)

Details / Applications

Details / Applications - H-BAU FIBERNOX® V-ROD
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