JORDAHL® Plain Back Framing Channels


JORDAHL® framing channels type JM  are evaluated under UK Technical Assessment UKTA-0836-22/6149 and European Technical Assesment ETA-15/0386. When used with the appropriate T-bolts or JORDAHL® accessories, they create an adjustable connection point that can be adapted to changing support and fastening requirements. All JM mounting channel types are suitable for welding or bolting to structures and can also act as free spanning support framing. They absorb both tension and shear loads. Full technical specifications are available including section properties and engineering data.

Hot-rolled type type JM-W is available for supporting dynamic loads and may also be welded to steel structures. Hot-rolled toothed type JXM-W is also suitable for welding and supports dynamic loads with enhanced longitudinal load capability.  Cold formed type JM-K is suitable for static loads and suitable for bolting to structures or acting as free spanning framing. Cold formed type JML-K has similar characteristics and is supplied with regular slots through the backwall of the profile to aid bolt-through connections or suspension on vertical threaded rods.


Curved mounting channels, Back to back double profiles.


Available in hot-dip galvanised steel, stainless steel (A4) and mill finish steel.

Load Groups

Available in 10 hot-rolled and 23 cold formed profiles with lengths from 100 to 6000 mm. Connection point loads of up to 65 kN can be supported.


  • Can be directly welded or bolted to structures or machine bodies
  • Easy bolted connections giving adjustment to the positioning of attached components
  • Quick replacement, retrofitting, re-positioning of construction components throughout their service life
  • Easy compensation of construction or manufacturing tolerances.
  • Multiple/variable connection centres and later changes are easily achieved.


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