PFEIFER Slab and Stair Support Systems

PFEIFER Slab and Stair Support Systems

PFEIFER PS-A Steel Bearings provide structural bearing points on supporting beeams for double-T and trough floor slabs. They are cast into the precast floor unit to provide both temporary bearing points for the floor during construction and permanent bearing after construction is completed.

PFEIFER PS-A Steel Bearings support dead weight loads during assembly without the need for temporary propping. After a reinforced concrete topping is applied to the floor live loads can also be transferred to the floor's support beams via the PFEIFER PS-A Steel Bearings.

PFEIFER offers two staircase bearing products. PFEIFER Intermediate Staircase Bearing VarioSonic SL is intended for use as an intermediate support for absorbing vibration while also transferring vertical and resultant loads from the stair unit to the stairwell walls.  PFEIFER Staircase Bearing SLE is normally used to transfer loads to the landing or floor. Both systems are vertically adjustable allowing the stair unit to be easily levelled and accomodate any construction tolerances.

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  • Secure bearing to structural beams
  • Direct bearing with low load eccentricity
  • Replaces concrete corbels and locating bolts
  • Saves construction costs and time
  • Cast into the precast components under controlled conditions
  • Saves time in construction and design.
  • Screeding is no longer essential after concreting the slab topping
  • Made in Germany
  • Free calculation software
  • German building approval
  • Easy installation in precast staircases
  • Reliable connections using PFEIFER wave anchors or sockets
  • Minimal additional reinforcement required.
  • PFEIFER Intermediate Staircase Bearing VarioSonic SL
  • Excellent footstep sound isolation
  • Stairs under load are easily adjustable for height without the need for a crane or braces
  • Saves construction costs and time
  • Additional neoprene bearings are not required
  • The load range of all common stair sizes are accommodated
  • Fire resistance of R90


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