PFEIFER WK Lifting System

PFEIFER Headed Lifting System WK

The Pfeifer Headed Lifting System WK is a high quality lifting and handling solution for precast concrete components. Available in a wide range of anchor configurations the Pfeifer Headed Lifting System WK has solutions for many precast handling situations. A full range of accessories is available to enable accurately installed anchors and to recess them in the concrete. The recess allows the anchors to be hidden and corrosion protected with a concrete infill after use. A selection of Pfeifer Qucklift lifting units are available . These connect to the anchors and the selection correlate to the load group of the anchor. Customers are encouraged to discuss their liftng requirements with J & P's engineering department.

Load Range: 1.3t - 20t and concrete anchorage embedments from 120mm to 1400mm

Anchorage Types: WK Anchor Long; WK Bar Anchor;  DR Anchor; and DR Anchor with Eye. 

Pfeifer Quicklift Lifting Units: 1.3t, 2.5t, 5.0t, 10.0t, 20t.


  • Fast connection and release of lifting units
  • Possible to conceal lifting points after installation
  • Versatile to many types of lifting requirements
  • Large range of types, sizes and load capacities
  • Load rating marks ensure safety
  • Decades of proven reliability, safety and quality
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