H-BAU SECUFLEX® - Fully Bonded Membrane System

H-BAU SECUFLEX® is a pre-applied fully-bonded membrane system, that comprises of HDPE seal sheeting and a selection of sealing tapes. The membrane is applied to the concrete surface of water-impervious structures and is used together with a joint seal system (e.g. PENTAFLEX®) to seal against the ingress of pressurised water.

The membrane is made up of an adhesive layer, combined with a matching special granular material. This ensures a secure bond between the surface membrane and the concrete to prevent water from running behind it. The membrane seals any unplanned cracks in the concrete structure to keep the interior dry.

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  • Watertight to 2 bar @ 2.5:1 safety factor
  • Secure bond
  • Bridges cracks in concrete
  • European Technical Approval

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