H-BAU SWELLFLEX - Waterstop Tapes

­­­­­­­SWELLFLEX® quality waterstop tapes are used in concrete construction joints which are constantly or occasionally subjected to water pressure. They are available in both hydrophilic bentonite and rubber material. Lengths of  SWELLFLEX­­® hydrophilic bentonite waterstop tapes can simply be butted together in the joint.

SWELLFLEX® BS hydrophilic bentonite waterstop tapes are used for sealing construction joints which are constantly or occasionally subjected to either groundwater, water accumulating on slopes and/or surface water. They are made of sodium bentonite with a talc-powdered surface. This is a clay-based material which expands when exposed to water and generates high pressure against the concrete surrounding the joint. The high pressure from the expansion injects the tape material into cracks and cavities in the concrete surrounding the joint and seals them making SWELLFLEX® BS hydrophilic bentonite waterstop tapes ideal for in-situ concrete construction.

SWELLFLEX® BT hydrophilic bentonite waterstop tape differs from SWELLFLEX® BS due to its additional anti-moisture protective coating, which is applied at the factory. This prevents the tape from swelling prematurely in the first two or three days as a result of rain. 

SWELLFLEX® RB is a rubber swelling waterstop tape that provides an internal joint seal and is used to protect components with high resistance to water penetration against pressurised and non-pressurised water and soil moisture.. This swellable joint sealing profile is used in a number of applications, including system building components, precast tunnel lining segments and pipe jacking.

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  • Suitable for most types of construction joint
  • Resistant to ageing
  • Suitable for changing water levels
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Can be combined with other joint seals

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