PFEIFER Column Shoe System/Wall Shoe System


PFEIFER Column Shoe PCC is designed for the rigid threaded connection of precast concrete columns to foundations and floor slabs. They are cast into the column at the casting yard. At the construction site PFEIFER Column Shoes are connected to the slab or foundation using PFEIFER Foundation Anchors. This system can be used to connect columns to foundations, columns to other columns and beams to columns corbels..


PFEIFER Wall Shoe PWS provides connections for precast wall units. Tensile loads acting perpendicularly to the joint and shear loads in the longitudinal axis of the joint can be supported and transferred. PFEIFER Wall Shoe PWS is used in combination with PFEIFER PGS Foundation Anchors type H and PFEIFER Connecting Bolt PAP.


  • Performance verified by ETA 18/0785
  • Fast installation without temporary propping
  • Immediately load-bearing threaded connections mean no delay
  • All-weather installation
  • Levelling and adjustment capability.
  • High quality materials
  • Easy to connect to existing reinforcement (overlapping joint)
  • CE marked


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