H-BAU PENTAFLEX KB® Concrete Water Stop Bars

PENTAFLEX KB® concrete water stop bars consist of metal strips that are fully coated on both sides with a special coating to provide reliable waterproofing at concrete joints. The bond between the special coating and new concrete prevents water infiltrating the joint and an embedment depth of 30 mm is enough to withstand water pressure of up to 5.0 bar. The high elasticity of the coating ensures reliable sealing when the concrete structural components shrink.

PENTAFLEX KB®  concrete water stops are typically supplied in 2m lengths with a choice of 167 mm or 80 mm widths. The bonding surfaces are protected with a film on both sides that is removed immediately before concreting. Placement is simple with units simply lapped along the concrete length and without the need to plan day joints for concrete pours.


Technical Evaluations:

  • UK Technical Assessment UKTA-0836-22/6253
  • European Technical Assessment ETA-15/0003
  • NHBC recognition.


Typical applications include:

  • Underground structures
  • Traditional concrete and Twin Wall basement walls




  • Simple installation
  • Reliable immediate performance
  • No need to weld joints offsite
  • Simple lap joints with no need to plan concrete day joints


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