PFEIFER Hybridbeam® is an innovative composite beam system used to support precast, timber, and in-situ concrete floors. Utilising high strength concrete and steel components, the system concept is to provide an efficient floor support system that is integrated within the thickness of floor profile. This reduces the vertical space occupied by each flooor structure compared to conventional support beam designs, and so increases the number of floor levels possible within a given building height. The flat soffit floors that are produced using the system, enable the easy and unresticted installation of building services underneath, 

PFEIFER Hybridbeam® uses 100% recyclable materials and is designed to.maximize the load performance while minimising the use of materials.  The system can be quickly installed  without the need for propping from below.  PFEIFER Hybridbeam® is available in a range of sizes and types to suit most types of floor construction.


  • Reduced depth of floor stucture
  • Flush floor soffit enables efficient installation of building services
  • Suitable for most slab materials and configurations
  • High level of prefabrication
  • High load capacity with low deflection
  • Fast and prop-free installation
  • High resistance against torsion and bending even under construction
  • Efficient use of 100% recyclable materials
  • Environmental assessment provided by an Environmental Product Declaration


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