JORDAHL® Toothed Anchor Channels JXA W

Overview JORDAHL® Toothed Anchor Channels JXA W

Evaluated in European Technical Assessment ETA/09-0338, hot rolled JORDAHL® toothed anchor channels JXA W provide enhanced load resistance in the longitudinal direction of the channel. The teeth on the inner surface of the channel lips interlock with teeth on the connecting T-bolts which provides a secure mechanical interface for the resistance of longitudinal shear loads. This feature enables the support of high gravity loads for applications where height adjustment is important. Toothed anchor channels JXA W also offer high resistance to tension and transverse shear loads which make them ideal for the transfer of loads that might be acting in two or three planes concurrently, such as wind loads or  seismic/explosive events.

Available toothed profile sizes are as follows:

JXA W 64/44 Channel

JXA W 53/34 Channel

JXA W 38/23 Channel

JXA W 29/20 Channel

Bespoke Solutions

Curved anchor channels for tunnel applications.

Anchor channels spaced and pre-positioned in pairs,

JORDAHL®  toothed anchor channels in the JXA-PC version are supplied with long and large headed anchors. The special anchors of the JXA-PC version enable safe transfer of loads into very heavily cracked concrete with wide fisions. This version is typically used for safety relevant stuctures such as power stations, government buildings or military installations where the stuctures are designed to resist extreme destructive events.


Available in hot-dip galvanised steel or stainless steel (A4) in lengths up to 6 metres. Channel profiles are filled with polyethylene (PE) or polystyrene (PS) to prevent concrete ingress when cast into concrete.

Load Groups

To provide the widest selection of load performance a range of 4 channel profiles are available in lengths ranging from 150mm to 6 metres. Design resistance of up to 37.8 kN per connection is available. Standard T-bolt diameters range from M10 to M24.


  • European Technical Assessment ETA-09/0338
  • Quick, efficient and versatile fastening of high loads acting in all directions
  • Simple connection adjustment to accommodate building tolerances
  • No drilling of concrete or site welding
  • Faster connections with simple hand tools
  • Connections close to concrete edges are possible
  • Easy to replace or re-position connected components
  • Resistant to fatigue, seismic activities, explosions
  • High tightening torques
  • Approved fire resistance performance
  • Accommodates highly cracked concrete in damaged structures (JXA-PC).


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