JORDAHL® Cast in Channel for Adjustable Screwed Connections JTB

JORDAHL® Cast in channel for Adjustable Screwed Connections JTB

JORDAHL® cast in channel type JTB is produced in both hot dip galvanised and A4 stainless steel . Supplied in 3m lengths, it is available in a range of material thicknesses and anchor configurations that are suitable for supporting tension and shear loads applied to concrete stuctures.

The JTB cast in anchor channel is embedded into the concrete during casting to form a steel surface area for simple connections using self-tapping screws. Design resistance of up to 7 kN per connection can be achieved. The location of the connections can be adjusted within the width and length of the profile making it a versatile and fast connection method for applications requiring multiple connections.

Precast Concrete Connections Cast-in Anchor Channel


  • Simple and fast connections with self-tapping screws
  • Adjustable positioning of connections in two dimensions
  • Drilling of concrete is eliminated

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