JORDAHL® Hot Rolled & Cold Formed Anchor Channels JTA

Overview JORDAHL® Anchor Channels

Cast-in concrete anchors

Evaluated in European Technical Assessment ETA/09-0338 and country approvals for USA, China and Germany, the JORDAHL® JTA anchor channel range comprises JTA W hot-rolled, and JTA K cold rolled profiles. Both types of anchor channels are used with simple twist-in T-bolts to provide safe and adjustable connections to concrete structures for the resistance of tension and shear loads. With over 100 years of experience the system has proven itself to combine high reliability with high performance.

Cold Rolled Channels

JTA K cold rolled anchor channels give an efficient method of connecting predominantly static loads from components of secondary importance. Available profile sizes are as follows:

JTA K 28/15 channel
JTA K 38/17 channel
JTA K 40/25 channel
JTA K 50/30 channel
JTA K 53/34 channel
JTA K 72/48 channel

Hot Rolled Channels

JTA W hot-rolled anchor channels provide similar simplicity and reliability of performance for the anchoring of structural connections with oscillating, seismic or dynamic loads. Available profile sizes are as follows:

JTA W 40/22 channel
JTA W 40+ channel
JTA W 50/30 channel
JTA W 50+ channel
JTA W 53/34 channel
JTA W 55/42 channel
JTA W 72/48 channel

Bespoke Solutions

Curved anchor channels, anchor channels grouped in pairs, anchor channel corner pieces. Production of special profiles on request.


Available in hot-dip galvanised steel or stainless steel (A4) in lengths up to 6 metres. Channel profiles are filled with polyethylene (PE) or polystyrene (PS) to prevent concrete ingress when cast into concrete.

Load Groups

To provide the widest selection of load performance a range of 13 channel types are available with standard channel lengths ranging from 150mm to 6 metres with capacities up to 72 kN design resistance per connection. Standard T-bolt diameters range from M6 to M30.


  • European Technical Assessment ETA-09/0338
  • Efficient and versatile support of high loads
  • Simple connection adjustment to accommodate building tolerances
  • No drilling of concrete or site welding
  • Faster connections with simple hand tools
  • Connections close to concrete edges are possible
  • Easy to replace or re-position connected components
  • Resistant to fatigue, seismic activities, and explosions (hot rolled)
  • High tightening torques (hot rolled)
  • Approved fire resistance performance


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